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The Enlightened Leader Workshop

This 1 – 4 day workshop focuses on two critical components of leadership in modern times: the ability to remain present and purposeful across all situations, which lends to greater creativity, connection, and care with members of the organization. Studies show that these abilities lead to strategic innovation, greater job satisfaction, and organizational learning.

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Transforming Leadership Participants will take a pre-workshop survey titled the Presence & Purpose Inventory, and then utilize their reports to explore how well their leadership presence (attention) and sense of purpose (intention) are aligned. Participants will then be introduced to the combined practices of mindfulness and critical reflection in order to self-identify and map how their unique anxieties, attachments, and assumptions limit capacity for self-transformation. These and related activities provide participants with a sincere understanding of what it takes to facilitate similar transformation in those they lead. As a learning community, participants will then engage in discussion about “whole person” leadership and develop strategies for making work meaningful for themselves and others. In addition to surveying, mapping, and analyzing these aspects of transformative leadership, participants will leave this seminar with personalized commitments for transforming aspects about themselves that they find especially difficult to change.

Transforming Culture Participants will then work together to develop a collective understanding of “how” work can be more meaningful across departments. This begins with a mindful exploration of how their unique experiences, and personal values match those of others in the emerging leader group. Participants will discuss the shadow sides of these values; how their core values can be misinterpreted, or slip into a state that isn’t beneficial to your organization’s vision (for instance, being “compassionate” could be perceived as “naive”).  In order to transform the culture as a team, participants merge their collective values with your existing organizational vision. This results in a shared statement about working together to transform/improve the culture of your organization.

Transforming the Future Participants will also develop a prototype for their professional future, which knits their deeper sense of purpose, commitment to leadership presence, and shared leadership values. They will accomplish this by identifying the inner voices of criticism, fear, and doubt they must let go of in order to advance to the next level as leaders. Mindfulness practice is utilized to access these deeper insights and identify resources to help them move forward. Participants will leave with 3 action steps to kick-start their journey over the next few days.